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Buddhism is also one of the three major religions in the world. According to the records in the Buddha's Birthday, Buddhism originated from the ancient Indian Kapiluo defending country (now in Nepal) more than 2,500 years ago. Siddhartha created. The figure of Buddhism has been accompanied by the history of China for five thousand years, and the Buddhist ures have always been interdependent with the development of Buddhism. With the development of Buddhism, the Buddhist ures have gradually become popular among the people who believe in Buddhism. Buddhist ures, classified according to their contents, can be divided into three kinds of ures, laws, and arguments, collectively known as Sanzang, also known as the Tripitaka. The Tang Dynasty Xuanzang in the long history of Chinese history is also known as the "Tang Sanzang", because he is familiar with all the Buddhist ures, laws, and the three Tibetans, and he is a respect for him. The Buddhist ures can induce and absorb a large number of believers, and then teach the believers how to practice according to the different roots, so that they can "print the heart." The legendary part may be to show the magic of Buddhism; philosophy and practice are worthy of learning and deep thinking; it expands the cause and effect of the third to cause and effect, whether it exists or not, can reasonably explain some unexplained phenomena in science. The role of people in goodness.

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